Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Well Folks, I've Cured Some Bacon.

Using Salt, Sodium Nitrite and Sugar, I cured a 5# piece of Pork Belly over the
course of eight days. 

After washing the Cure off the Fresh Bacon, I patted it dry and
smothered it in Brown Sugar and smoked it over
Pecan Wood for approx. 2.5 Hours. 

By this time I was surely hungry... Resulting in BLT's 

70 degrees outside. Sunny. Laying on my hammock after
two of these!


  1. Butchery has been a long time interest to me and it's so cool to see someone writing about it in Austin. I'm a fellow WFM TM (I work at Global) and am so excited to see your blog. Kudos!

  2. Great blog! Ruhlman's 'Charcuterie' got me into making bacon a couple years ago, when the only pork belly to be found was the ones at the Asian market. Now, I get it from...Whole Foods! and Richardson Farms-amazing what good pig does to bacon.

  3. Just found out about your page in Facebook, coincidentally I just made about 9 pounds of bacon divided in 4 ziplocs following Ruhlman's recipe. It came out very tasty but salty, I did wash the pieces in running water, cooked them in the oven, tasted, and again too salty. So,I dunk them in a container filled with water for 60 minutes, and the salt wore off, but there is this bacony salty (perhaps the nitrites?) taste that is still very intense.

    Did yours come out salty too?