Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pork Shoulder. The Breakdown.

This is home butchering in one of its most basic forms: Pork Shoulder. Not only is Pork Shoulder readily available almost anywhere, it's moderately priced and extremely versatile. I can't think of a cut of Pork more useful and versatile than the Shoulder. It's composed of multiple muscle groupings, so it offers a great introductory-level lesson in Seam Butchery. This is a video taken while my friend, Beau and I were preparing to make multiple batches of sausage with some Venison and Wild Boar that Beau bagged this season. Adding Pork to Venison and Wild Boar sausage recipes is essential on account of the wild animals being so lean!

I hope you enjoyed it, I think it's funny you can hear my daughter's movie playing in the background... Home Butchery at its finest!