Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dry Aging. Top Sirloin.

These are Top Sirloins. Each one is probably 10# in weight, with plenty of fat and tissue to protect
them while in the Aging Cave. 

Where you hook the meat is very important, a misplaced hook can prevent you from making any sort
of money. On Top Sirloins, where the Primal is separated from the Round, there is a mass of fat; This is
the proper place for your hook. 

Dating is essential on everything in a Meat Department, Dry Aging is no different. 

Once you're done, hang em up! In no less than 14 days these Sirloins will be as tender
as mother's love and ready for retailing. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Veal Navel, Cured for Bacon.

This Navel was dredged heavily in a dry cure, rolled and tied and allowed
to cure for 10 days. 

Once the rolled Navel reached a firmness I was happy with, I snipped
all the knots and unrolled the roast for washing.  This guy has beautiful color!

Unrolled, washed (Outer Navel)

Unrolled, washed (Inner Navel)

Spiced, Sliced.

I am very impressed with how this Bacon turned out. The soft quality of Veal yields an extremely tender, succulent bacon. My gripe is that it's extremely lean.