Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Austin Texas Butcher on Twitter!

Dry Aged Beef. Center Cut Sirloins,
T-Bones, Bone-in Tenderloins,
Rib-Eyes, NY's
Check me out @ReeceTheButcher

Hopefully, having a Twitter account will help spread word around about my blog!

More updates to come.. I was working on a time-lapse project involving the art of Dry Aging, but it wasn't turning out as I had hoped. I'm designing new plans for it, so stay tuned.

Also, there is a pig roast in the works! Me and some friends are trying to set something up for a SXSW kick-off party - More info as it becomes available.


  1. Hey Man-
    I used to cut meat at whole foods Chicago. I am now a desk jockey selling wholesale meat. I miss cutting. Cool blog. Check out my blog www.ilovefood.fronza.net .


  2. I used to work at the Milwaukee store after it opened. I wasn't cutting then, but that's where I started getting interested! Who do you sell meat for? To whom?

  3. Oh cool. I worked at the South loop store as well as the lincoln park / kingsbury store. I sell to retailers in chicago for Excel.