Thursday, March 3, 2011

Grass Fed Shortloin. The Breakdown.


Using the tip of your knife, make an initial incision
down the length of the Shortloin. We're working on getting
the Tenderloin off right now. 

Little by little, start peeling the muscle back, follow the bones with the
intention of leaving them bare. 

Almost done!

Once you've got the Tenderloin removed, it's
time to trim.

After removing the chain and excess fat, peel off
the Silver Skin. 

Tuck the tail end of the Tenderloin underneath
so you have a consistent girth throughout. 

Cut your steaks!

Bone In Striploin.

Before chining, I always take the 13th rib off. 

Well-chined, now to focus on the rest of the bones. 

Peel back remaining vertebrates. 

Using the tip of your knife, cut the buttons out. 

Done! Now, to focus on the plates. 

Trim away any remaining meat and push your knife
underneath the plates. Be sure to cut away from yourself!

Boneless Striploin.

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