Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bone In Pork Loin. The Breakdown Version 2

A Pair of Loins. This time we're
going to go boneless.
Begin by peeling out the Tenderloin.
Once you've got the Tenderloin removed,
trim off the Chain and excess fat. 
Now for the Sirloin! Using the tip of your knife,
follow the H-Bone's curve and remove the Sirloin. 
Sirloin can be used in a variety of different ways,
but some well-trimmed Sirloin steaks are great!
Another view.
To remove the Loin, bring your knife all the way down the spine, staying
as close to the bones as possible.
This is about mid-way down the Loin.
Now for the other side, I generally start at the Plate Ribs,
where the Tenderloin was. 
Now for the Baby Back Ribs. Remember, it's
OKAY to leave some meat on these. The retail is higher,
plus meaty ribs are excellent!
On your left are (what will be) Baby Back Ribs. On your right is the Loin. We're looking
at the end that connects to the Shoulder of the hog. 
Now that the Ribs are separated, buzz the ends off
on the saw to get the Ribs Case-Ready.
The Plate Ribs removed, chine the spine off. 
For the boneless Loin, peel back the Cap from the
Rib-Eye section all the way down. 
And there you have it: 3-4 Lbs of Trim, 10Lbs of boneless Loin, 2 Lbs of
Baby Back Ribs, a Pound of Tenderloin and about 2 Lbs of Sirloin. 


  1. Ok, this is fantastic. I'm ready for spring/summer bbq.

  2. You sir, are an artist. I know you've mentioned doing videos and I think the nature of your work requires it. It's hard (at least for me) to fill in the blanks between photos. Awesome blog man. I'm looking forward to learning a lot from you.