Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Safety First.

 This is a Shortloin and as you can see, the spine has been broken. At first, I was inclined to inform the slaughterhouse with concerns regarding integrity... Instead I saw a challenge.
And the challenge got the best of me. Slaughterhouse contacted.


  1. After I had pulled the Tenderloin from the Primal, I began working on the vertebrates. Typically, I would have chined the spine but this one was all broken up. I got into one of the plates with my knife and, using quite a bit of force, started making my way up to the end. I expected to run into bone but the bone I was relying on was one of the ones that had broken... Sending my knife through some meat and into my arm. My knife blade was bent at the end by the amount of force I had going into the cut. My knife bounced off of my chain-glove and into my wrist and forearm.

  2. Jesus man, I thought the wound was from a bone puncture.