Friday, February 18, 2011

Dry Aged 107 (Rib). The Breakdown, Which Will Be Revisited.

These long, thin bones would be the beginning of the hump on
a beef's back.

Another shot of the Rib

Chine the bones away to allow plenty of room
for your boning knife.

At first, work each bone separately.  

Once you get 3 or 4 bones deep, you can take a long 'swipe'
and take off the whole bone structure in one easy-to-toss

Get a firm grip on the Cap with your hook.

Knife, Hook, Pull. Repeat. 

A swift pull with your hook (or your grip, for that matter)
will really help you out. Remember, its already dead, you're not going
to hurt it. On a Dry Aged piece like this, the layers of fat should
separate rather easily. 

Almost done!

Here's some more 'bubble gum' for you, this variety being
especially bad for your teeth. 

Face your cut and marvel at the quality!

This is about as quick as a Breakdown has ever gone. There's plenty of work in the Meat Department;
taking pictures being pretty low down the list. 

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