Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grass Fed Bone In Tenderloin. The Breakdown.

Grass Fed Shortloin.

I always start by peeling out the thirteenth rib. 

Almost done. 

At this point, you can either pull the rib off,
or cut it out. 

Starting at the Loin-side of the primal, use the spine
as a fulcrum and separate the meat from the bone in
as straight of a line as you can. Remember, get as much
meat off the bone as possible. The goal is zero-waste. 

Halfway down. 

Once you've finished cutting the meat from the spine,
start peeling back the Striploin. 

After a couple of vertebrates you can see the
'buttons' from a different perspective. 

Now that you're working your way down, you can
start seeing you progress. Keep it up! Clean those bones
and be sure not to cut into the Striploin. 

Almost done!

Now that your Striploin is separated, either wrap it up or
put it in your case (if needed). 

Chine the spine away. The trick with Bone In Tenderloins
is that you don't use the saw to cut your steaks, you cut through
the vertebrates. 

Trim away the majority of bulk fat and firm up your Tenderloin. 

Buzz off the excess bones. 

Now that your Tenderloin is taking shape, trim off the remainder
of excess fat and silver skin. At $27.99 per pound, your guests
aren't paying for any excess except for labor and Tenderloin. 

Grass Fed Beef is notoriously 'floppy' so whenever I get a special order
for these, I'll tie the roast at each vertebrate to help hold the steak together. 

After wiping the sweat off your brow, take a look at your
handy-work and be proud. This is probably one of the hardest
cuts to master. 

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