Monday, December 26, 2011

How-to: Beef Prime Rib.

First off, you'll need a Prime Rib. This is a Boneless Dry Aged (57 days) Rib Roast. Total weight was ~9.5#. 

To season the roast, I mixed Plenty of Kosher salt with some dried thyme, white pepper, toasted black peppercorns and a small amount of dried sage. I combined these ingredients in my coffee grinder and ground them for a few seconds to blend all the flavors together. I let the roast sit out on my cutting board for the better part of an hour so that'd it'd come to room temperature and develop a pellicle for the seasoning to stick to. 

Due to lack of available supplies, I had to improvise with the 'Oven-Searing Stage'. I didn't have a spare rack to rest the roast on and I didn't want to bother with flipping that large of a roast next to a 500F oven. I suspended the roast over the pan using twine. I put the roast in the oven and let it sear for ~20 minutes at 500F. 

Once it reach a really nice golden color, I snipped the twine and backed the oven down to 325. 

The roast took around 3 hours pot-searing. We let it rest while loosely covered with foil for ~20 minutes while we prepared the Yorkshire Puddings. 

This roast yielded 12 thick steaks that were easily the best I had ever had. If you've never tried to cook Prime Rib before, do yourself a favor and give it a shot - it's surprisingly easy and the end result is truly delicious. 

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