Thursday, July 28, 2011

Export Rib 3x3. The Breakdown.

Chuck-End portion of a 3x3. A 3x3 is a Bone-in Rib Roast that still has the Chine bone.
As you can see, there's a hefty amount of fat covering this Primal. 

Loin-End portion. The Fat covering this primal will protect it during the aging process.
At Whole Foods Market, we age meats for no less that 14 days. 

This particular piece isn't going into the Dry Age Cooler, rather, I needed
some Boneless Ribeyes in my case. The first step for breaking this guy down is cleaning
it up a bit. Clear away bulk fat to give yourself a better understanding of where the
bones are. 

The first incision is right along the animal's spine. You'll
need to flex your blade into these bones a bit to keep the muscle

As you can see, we're making some progress now. 

I've always called this bit of tendon 'bubblegum'. You can peel it off with your

Now that the first side of the 3x3 is cleaned up, turn the 3x3 over and
focus your attention on the ribs. Starting at the 12th rib, ease your knife down into
the meat, working around the bones, across the roast. This may take three or four revolutions
to finish, so take your time!

Looking down into the meat. 

Now that the ribs are removed, it's time to clean around the vertebrates. 

From one side of the rib to the other, guide your knife around any bones still
holding onto the meat. 

Fully removed. 

Cross section of the Rib

Case Ready Ribeyes.

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