Monday, May 9, 2011

Young Settlers, Year Two. Whole Lamb Revisited.

This is me and my good friend Dylan. Dylan is the resident
Sausage master and Whole Foods Lamar. Him and I bought this
Lamb about a week and a half before our trip to Llano and hung
it in the Dry Aging Cooler at work. 

The original plan was to spit-roast the Lamb whole but because of the
statewide fire-ban, we had to part out the animal and cook everything separately. 

To be honest, I wasn't upset in the slightest bit about the way
we handled this animal, we were able to cook every cut and primal using
all the of different methods available to us. 

The first night after butchering the Lamb, I took the whole Loin and made
a boneless roast, wrapped the roast in a healthy layer of fat, Dylan seasoned it
and we grilled it up while we drank fine bourbon. 

Me and Kaysea took both Shoulders and Foreshanks and boned them out,
cutting the meat into stew meat and I made a healthy and quite meaty stew.
The broth was incredibly delicious and velvety. 

Kaysea has a dream of becoming a butcher, she's hit some road bumps but I'm
confident she'll find her place in a cutting room one of these days.

All in all, every piece of the Lamb was extremely enjoyable. This particular animal was the most enjoyable meat eating experience I may have had so far - The meat was extremely tender with a flavor reminiscent of honey - even the shoulder meat became very soft after a short length of stewing. This meat could turn a vegetarian into a carnivore at the first and slightest opportunity!
35mm Photo credits go to Camie Cox, a dear friend of mine. iPhone photo credits were taken with Kaysea's phone.


  1. the title of this post should be "The Hipster Redneck Massacre, part 4"

    Seriously though.. it looks like you guys had a blast and I'm sure that was some great lamb :-)

  2. Jeez! Poisoning the well with the hipster tag? Come on. :)